Arctic Vision


Arctic Vision is an AR-integrated ski goggle that enables skiers and snowboarders to be safer and to have more fun on the mountain. Inside the goggle, AR technology projects speed, trail map location, and GPS guidance signals onto the lens.

Industrial Design


As the industrial designer, I was tasked with finding the intersection of beauty and usability. My process for designing the goggle began with research and sketching. I researched competitors and ski goggles in general to find out what the current trends were. I wanted a minimal, modern-looking design but knew a significant challenge would be fitting the necessary hardware inside. We quickly settled on the battery on the strap and the rest of the components in the sides of the frame to make it as slim as possible.

I then transitioned my sketches to Fusion 360, bringing them to life. I learned how to CAD on the job and found a love for seeing my designs in a 3-dimensional space. One significant challenge we faced was where and how to fit the large AR unit in the frame. We decided to angle it above the right eye on an adjustable hinge, so that users could adjust it to fit their face shape.

I worked with the software team on the project to align my designs with the brand identity they created. I did this by integrating the logo into the battery cover on the strap and by matching the lens colors to the brand colors. This way, the goggle would feel consistent with the Arctic Vision app and overall identity.

The final result was a slim, sleek frame with two color options for the frame and lens.